Which Community Is Right For You?!

In order to encourage privacy and safety Colonial East does not allow renters in any of our communities.  ALL persons residing in the home must be registered / listed with the leasing office in addition, it is required that all persons over 18 years of age have a criminal background check on file.  ALL vehicles in our communities are required to have a resident or guest parking permit, violators may be towed.

Still have questions? drop us an email.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our communities.  Thank you.

  available for use by all our communities Colonial East   Sussex East   Sussex West 
    located within community
Playground  Yes X        
Outdoor  pool Yes X        
Single Sectional Homes   X   X    
Mutli-Sectional Homes   X   X   X
Grass cut (incl. in rent)   X        
Indoor pool (access fee) Yes     X   X
Accessory Bldg. Only   X   X    
Garage Only           X
On Site Community Bldg.   X   X   X
Home Owners Association   X   X   X
Community Outdoor Storage   X   X   X
Off Street Parking   X   X   X
Access to Public Transportation   X   X   X
Distance to Rehoboth Beach   4.2 miles   8 miles   8 miles
Distance to Lewes Beach   5.8 miles   5.3 miles   5.3
55+       X   X
Garbage removal (incl. in rent)   X   X   X
Pets allowed   X   X   X
Dog Park   X   X   X
Bocce Ball   X   X   X
Horse Shoe   X   X   X
Min. 2 Vehicle black top driveway   X        
Min. 2 Vehicle concrete pad driveway       X   X
Street Lighting   X   X   X
Walking distance to shops, banks, etc.   X        
Snow removal from streets/commons   X   X   X
Metered Water 
(provided and billed by Tidewater)
  X   X   X
Public Sewer (provided and billed by Sussex County)   X   X   X
Distance to Beebe Medical Center   3.5 miles   4 miles   4 miles

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